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Sports Event, Studio and Portrait photography, the Photographer is based in Brighton and Hove and covers Sussex.

Sportpages Photo


To provide you with high quality photos, the Canon EOS system is used to produce high quality photos.
The following is a list of the equipment used by Sportpages for Event photography.


  • Two Canon EOS 1D mkII Digital Camera. An 8.2 Megapixel Camera designed for taking sports photo.
  • Two Canon 7D Digital Cameras an 18 Megapixel camera, with a large buffer that writes to the card fast, useful for taking running races.
  • Canon EOS 5D Digital Camera. A 12 Megapixel Camera designed for Studio, landscape and general use.
  • 300mm F2.8 telephoto lens. Probably the best telephoto lens ever made.
  • 200mm F2.8 medium telephoto lens. A very sharp compact lens.
  • 70-200mm F2.8 Telephoto Zoom lens, used for close range sport, portraits and general use.
  • 28-70mm F2.8 Zoom, general use and group photos.
  • 50mm F1.8 standard lens. Versatile general purpose lens.
  • X1.4 Extender, increases the range of the telephoto lenses.
  • X2 Extender, increases the range of the telephoto lenses.
  • EOS 550EX Flash Guns.
  • Portable Studio

  • Range of portable studio backgrounds suitable for portraits and small groups.
  • Selection of Umbrellas and reflectors to provide a variety of lighting effects using artificial and natural light.
  • Studio Flash lamps.
  • Printing Services

  • To provide On-Site printing, a Mitsubishi CP8000DW digital colour dye sublimation thermal transfer printer is used to print 7"x5" photos in less than 30 seconds per print. Dye sublimation is a method of producing high quality photographs using heat transfer. A roll of film which is made up of a sequence of four panels: yellow, magenta, cyan and lamenate (to finish the print)is used to create the colour print onto a roll of paper. This method produces high quality prints far superior to any image produced by an ink-jet printer.
  • For the on-line Digital printing Service, Sportpages use Photobox, the UK's leading on-line Digital Print Processor.
  • For special photographic services, sportpages use the services of J.P. Photographic who provide a high quality service.
  • On Site display

    To enable photos to be seen at the Event, the following equipment is used.
  • Sony DPPV55, enables a slide show of digital images to be created.
  • 14" Portable Television to display the slideshow.
  • Laptop computer, alternative way to display the Digital Images.
  • Two stroke petrol generator to power the equipment when a mains supply is not available at the event. This enables outdoor events to be covered.


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