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Sports Event, Studio and Portrait photography, the Photographer is based in Brighton and Hove and covers Sussex.
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Event Photography

Event photography packages suitable for, Business Events, Social Functions, Football matches, Rugby matches, Cricket matches, Tennis events, Cycling events, Athletics, Hockey matches, Boxing events, School Sports days, Motor cross and motor racing events in Brighton and Hove or Sussex.

On-Site printing of photos sized at 7"x5" with other sizes and photo products available for purchase On-Line.

If you are going to hold an event, you may wish to have the event covered by a photographer, you will obtain better quality photos and you will not have to rely upon someone bringing their own camera and as the photos will be available on the Internet, all of the people attending the event will be able to see the photos.

Prior to the event you can advertise that the event will covered by a photographer and the photos will be available for purchase at the event, and the photos will be available for viewing and purchase on the Internet after the event.

During the event, photos will be taken as required, there are no limits on how many photos are taken with the digital package. You may need to give some thought to what type of photos you require, for example are you looking for photos for your magazine/Newsletter?
A portable studio is available, this is particularly useful in taking presentation photos at sporting events.
If you need advice, please discuss you requirements with the photographer.

After the event the photos will be available on the Internet for viewing and purchase on-line. A demonstration of how this service works is on this page.

If you want to restrict the access to the photos on the Internet, access to the photos can be controlled by using a Username and Password.


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